Lunchbox Love Note


P.S. Love, Additionally


Reading List: The Idiot

I have difficulty remembering things - what did I do on the weekend? What did I have for breakfast? I have no idea. Sometimes I think that Instagram and Twitter have broken my brain, and other times I think I am doomed to have early onset Alzheimer's. In spite of this, I started university 15 years ago, and I can remember the first week in technicolour...


Reading List: The Dark and Other Love Stories

First, let me say that this book has a great dedication...


Poems for Halloween

Happy Halloween! What are you up to tonight?

We don't have anything exciting planned - glasses of wine and handing candy out to the nuggets on our street. I love seeing all of the kiddos dressed up every year, especially the babies who have no idea what's going on (what is that about, by the way? Parents scamming candy for themselves? I mean, I respect that, but I'm just curious...).


Reading List: The Bright Hour

A couple of years ago, I read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. You may have heard of it - it was a critically and commercially successful memoir written by a young surgeon with lung cancer. The book is a meditation on his life and impending death that explored his family, his practice, and the reality of shifting from surgeon to patient. I found the book both fascinating and very sad.