Reading List: Little Fires Everywhere

I am late to the Celeste Ng party - why didn't anyone tell me?

Why I chose it

I had fallen down an Internet spiral - as I do, as we all do - and was watching clips of my celebrity crush, Seth Meyers, when I came across this clip. It's such an uncharacteristic segment - very low-key, not humour-forward at all. Is Celeste his friend? Does he love her books? No idea why this happened, but I'm glad it did because it led me to her.

My stolen summary

From The Atlantic : "...the unwelcome presence of an itinerant artist and her daughter roils the staid community of Shaker Heights, Ohio, inflaming racial, cultural, and economic tensions that result in a suspicious fire."

  • I was in high school in the late 90s, as are many of the characters in this novel. It was a welcome slice of nostalgia, and I felt I could relate to the adolescent goings on
  • A thinker on many levels - race, class, gender, sexuality - but always accessible 
  • Engaging characters 
  • Interesting story
  • Is it lazy if I say none? I didn't have any beefs with this book. Whipped through it, enjoyed it. 


Ooh, tough call. I really enjoyed this book, but probably wouldn't read it again (not a slight on the book - my re-read criteria is random and unclear). I bought it on my Kobo, but wish that I had bought it in paperback to pass along. It's worth buying and sharing.