Seven Best Advice Columns

When I was a kid, my family always had a couple of daily newspapers kicking around. Starting at about 8 or 9 years old, I joined my dad in reading the paper with breakfast...

I never read the paper cover-to-cover. My jams were - and are - Arts, Books, Fashion, Life, and Comics. Occasionally, I followed the headlines when there was a really big story, much to the detriment of my mental health (I was paranoid about strangers and unlocked doors the whole summer of 1995 when the Bernardo trial was in the news).

Above all, I loved reading Dear Ann Landers. I found it comforting that "Ann" had quick, decisive solutions to an array of problems. All of life's little complications seemed so simple when summed up in a snappy little paragraph. I still really enjoy advice columns, both for the comfort they bring, and for the voyeuristic itch they scratch.

I don't subscribe to any print papers anymore (although, I occasionally pick up a weekend paper), so my advice column reading has gone online. In case you're interested in some satisfying, light reading, here are seven columns that I check in with regularly:

Social Q's in the New York Times

Ask Amy in the Chicago Tribune

Urban Diplomat in Toronto Life

Asking for a Friend in The Nation

Miss Conduct in The Boston Globe

Dear Prudence in Slate

Carolyn Hax in the Washington Post