Poem for a 33rd Birthday

When I turned 30, I was in a transitional time. A long-term relationship ended, my beloved beagle died, and I had just started a new job. So, like any bigtime nerd worth their salt, I started reading a lot of poetry. I found it comforting to know that all of the feelings have been felt, all of the dramas have unfolded. In a period of upheaval, it reassured me that my life experience was not singular.

One of my dear friends turns 33 tomorrow, and I plan to send her this poem to mark the occasion:

Here are some other poems for birthdays, for your consideration:

How to Spend a Birthday by Lee Herrick

The Grand Birthday by John N. Morris

First Birthday by Brad Leithauser

Tenth Birthday by Marjorie Knapp

Twelfth Birthday by Rachel Hadas

Poem for My Twentieth Birthday by Kenneth Koch

30th birthday by Alice Notley

Writ on the Eve of My 32nd Birthday by Gregory Corso

Of my 33rd Birthday by G. S. Sharat Chandra

The Author Reflects on His 35th Birthday by Ishmael Reed

Poem for my 36th Birthday by Dick Allen

On My Fortieth Birthday by Paul Goodman

44th Birthday Evening, at Harris's by Ted Berrigan

Fiftieth Birthday Eve by Billy Collins

Poem for a 75th Birthday by Marilyn Taylor